My new blog
RIP photographic-energy

Okay, here’s the deal. Later today, hopefully, I will be making a new blog; a fresh start. Sadly, my three years with this blog is coming to an end. I need to escape from the hateful people who follow me on this blog, and start a new blog and meet new faces in hopes to avoid this issue once and for all. I know there will be hate wherever I go, I get it. I’m a big girl, and the only solution I see to my never ending problem is to just delete this blog completely. However, I will let a select few of you know what my new URL is and continue to be in contact with those of you who are ever so lovely and have become friends of mine. If you would like me to follow you on my new blog, you can like this post; I will do my absolute best to follow you all. Hopefully I will get to stay in touch with those of you who have done nothing wrong to influence my decision to remake.



chur, aria (by jukka_re)

varya’s hands by nikita tikhonyuk on Flickr.

しあわせの、まあるいかたち (by shippoo——)

♥ by 卷 on Flickr.